Casa La Vita - Handgefertige Zement-Fliesen
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Cement tiles by Casa La Vita - awesome, handmade and unique pieces for your home.

Labor-intensive manual work and beautiful individual pieces

Decorative cement tiles possibly first appeared by the time of antiquity. Especially the Mediterranean area has made cement tiles world famous during the period of 19th century. Today, two hundred years later, we are experiencing a renaissance of cement tiles in new buildings to give a nostalgic atmosphere, as well as in refurbishment and restoration of historical buildings.
Even today cement tiles are still handmade and every piece is like a work of art. The forms and designs are created through the intensive manufacturing process: Metallic divider is set into the casting mold, each mold is filled with colours and finally adding liquid and dry cement mortal. The tile is getting pressed under high pressure.

Some installations using our cement tiles


All cement tiles are available in size 20x20x1,6 cm. We recommend you a medium-bed mortar with total thickness of 20 mm. Spread tiles adhesives with a notched trowel (teeth 10 mm and 4 mm thikness). Only use grouts for marble or natural stone, approx. 2 mm gap between the tiles gives an attractive surface.
Adhesives and grout must be immediately removed from the cement tiles by Casa La Vita MZ-Remover. Grey coloured grouts are recommended to use. Intensive coloured grouts have to be tryed before. After drying, the surface has to be impregnated with Casa La Vita BWS-Protector. Do not use any aggressive/chemical cleaning agents. Tiles: Box: 12 pcs = 0,48 sqm ∙ Pal.: 720 pcs = 28,8 sqm ∙ 33,75 kg/sqm Plinth: Box: 12 pcs = 2,4 m ∙ Pal.: 720 pcs = 144 m